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How it all started

The Lavazza story is about a business which has pursued perfection in every cup for over 120 years. In his grocery shop in Turin Luigi Lavazza invented and marketed the concept of blending: the art of combining different coffee varieties and origins, which even today distinguishes all Lavazza products.


Mastery, high quality products and the passion for art and craft are the values embedded in Lavazza’s DNA since its foundation in 1895, and upheld by four generations of entrepreneurs. Each family member involved in the company has helped in growing up the business, transforming a small grocery store into a coffee leader Worldwide.


A journey through passion and innovation

The constant passion for quality led the company in 1979 to found the Luigi Lavazza Centre for Coffee Studies and Research, dedicated to analysis and in-depth study of espresso and the spread of espresso culture. This then evolved into the Lavazza Training Center, an international network of over 50 coffee schools throughout the world, where 30,000 people are trained each year.

Behind every Lavazza blend, there is added value that makes our offer unique: passion.


The Lavazza Research & Development department is where this passion lives alongside constant research, studies and innovation. It’s a true incubator of innovation ideas, so much so that it is equipped with an Internal Patent Office, dedicated to protecting the solutions developed in the three areas of expertise: coffee, machines and systems, materials and packaging.

Continuous innovation is also essential when it comes to the significant industrial investments in recent years that have made the Group more efficient, flexible and nimble in responding to a constantly evolving market.

A premium pure coffee company

Our stability as family-run governance supports a long-term, value-oriented business approach. In recent years, the Lavazza Group has embarked on an international development process aimed at consolidating its independence and competitiveness at a global level, with the mission of being a premium pure coffee company: concentrating solely on high-quality coffee by leveraging the value of its brand.

Today we play in both the business-to-consumer and business-to-business segments, allowing consumers to savor our highest quality coffees at home and delivery the best coffee experience, in all its forms, moments and meanings wherever they may be.  

Lavazza Professional Business

Different activities and spaces require distinct approaches. Lavazza creates tailored solutions to provide professionals with high-quality coffee products and services to suit the needs of their business. The premium quality of Lavazza Expert System is 100% guaranteed in every detail in any office.

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